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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Last week of mission - Aug. 22 - Aug 26, 2016

We went to a nearby zoo as a district for my last Preparation Day and last district preparation day! The best PDay of my life!
This was a zoo that was pretty far away from everything and relatively unknown. Because of that, the animals weren't hiding in a corner like every other zoo, they were excited to see us and gave a a good show at every exhibit! Best zoo ever!

The best district! (Minus Tsuyama Elders)

He's trying to make the peacock open its feathers... I think this picture is a good representation of our companionship!

My new favorite animal; Red Panda!

Only time I hold someone's hand on my mission...

Fun sky ride that went all the way around the zoo! Best 3 bucks I've ever spent

They had a petting zoo too!

Elder Yardley had a special moment with a cow!

Last lunch with one of our Vietnamese investigators and a member who is very helpful with him. We went to a hole in the wall restaurant where they had the biggest Hamburg (not a hamburger) I've ever had. It was good, but it wasn't good because we had another appointment to eat sushi a half hour later....

My last time eating real Japanese sushi. We my companion and I wanted to eat as much as we can, hopefully reaching over 25 plates, (my record is 22) but because of the last appointment, the most we could eat was 10. Such a fun time with the sister missionaries and Moose and the girls. Gonna miss doing this. And sushi. I'll miss sushi.

Weird pic with Moose

Saying bye to one of my favorite member couple who helped us out so much.

Dinner appointment with a member family and another sister and her Less-Active son. They have a huge, American style house!! Such a beautiful place. The father is a professional Japanese sword maker and earns a lot of money doing it.

Me and one of his swords. He said that this sword costs ¥400万 which is equivalent to about $4,000,000!! That's four MILLION dollars for a sword!! I felt like I would get cut just by looking at it.

Inside his house.

These guys put together a surprise party for me!! It was so nice of them and I felt very loved and appreciated! For those of you that don't read Japanese, The balloons have my name written on it with a picture of my face.

Last Day in Okayama tradition
They made this awesome cake!

And put it in my face...

That's the tradition.

Last lesson with this less-active member, his investigator mother, and our member present! Elder Ray and I started teaching her and she is really progressing and the less-active member has teaching opportunities too. Awesome situation there.

Last trip to  "Happy's" supermarket. We bought ingredients for a Takoyaki party.

I have a special seat. Ra-mu-ro-kku-su Choro. (Making fun of my name because of the silent X.

Early morning seminary for the last time. These members came to say bye to me.

My drop off at the train station. I love these members so much. I will definitely miss them. I felt a ton of love and support from the Okayama ward! 岡山は最高!!!

Moose! One of my best friends from the mission.

We took the Shinkansen (bullet train) to Kobe! It took 30 minutes to get from Okayama to Kobe! (Normally it's 2.5 hours!)

The Kobe crew!

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