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Friday, September 30, 2016

August 26 and 28, 2016 Welcome home Elder JT Lamoreaux

Airport part 1

Airport part 2

I know sometimes the videos on this blog do not work, especially if you are viewing them from a mobile device.  I am including here some pictures of Elder Lamoreaux at the airport, which the previous videos showed.

Waiting for Elder Lamoreaux at the airport

Here he comes....

What will he want first?  A huge and kiss from his mother, or the Cafe Rio that he has missed for two years?

The race is won.  

The family together again.

Putting the last piece to the Temple build - the countdown is over.

Finally, Cafe Rio!!!

August 28, 2016
Lunch after Elder Lamoreaux homecoming talk.

This is only half the food that we had.  We didn't get a picture of the others.

JT with the Sainsbury family.
For those of you who have followed Elder Lamoreaux's mission from the beginning, JT meet this family when he was assigned in Maizuru Branch (August 2015).  They live here in Utah.

Return missionaries from the Kobe Japan Mission.

Friends reunited

A few of JT's oldest friends... All are return missionaries.

Thank you to all who have supported
Elder Lamoreaux on his mission.

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