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Monday, August 17, 2015

Transfer Week!

Dear Everyone,
This week went by fast with not many things happening. Transfer calls
came last week and neither of us are transferring, so it was just back
to normal life. However, on Thursday, we had to mix it up because of
two things. 1) picking up our new companion, Elder Van Cleave. 2)
Sending Elder Brown to the mission home to have his Play Day and his
"bye-bye" testimony meeting and dinner. So, long story short, Elder
Van Cleave and I had to go on a Kokan (companion exchange) with the
Zone Leaders in Akashi on Thusday and then on Friday we met up with
Elder Brown again and returned to Maizuru. Is probably makes no sense,
but please bear with me.

This guy was cool! He is from Tokyo and he was visiting Kobe. My new
companion, Elder Van Cleave and I needed to borrow a phone to call our
other companion, so we asked him if we could use his. He loves gaijin
(foreigners) and so he wanted a selfie with us. He has also met with
missionaries in Tokyo, so this was a "random coincidence."

On the way back to Maizuru, we passed through Kyoto Train Station. It is huge! Here's the Kyoto Tower.
These are the famous stairs that light up and dance at night. It's too bad it wasn't night time....

I had a fun time in Akashi. I went with Elder Cole, my old Zone Leader
and we taught a few of his investigators. They are teaching a bunch of
Filipino people, which is why they had me go with him. We went to
their house; an apartment filled with 5 Filipino people. One of them
is a returned missionary who served in Davao City Philippines, one of
them got baptized last month, and the other three are investigators.
We taught them a little bit about the 10 Commandments and we built
friendships with them. It was way fun to speak in English and to do
missionary work in English with them! I can express myself so much
better in English. Because of that, it is much easier to connect with
the people and better address their needs. It was a great time.
All of Friday was traveling to Maizuru and getting to know Elder Van
Cleave. He is so great! What makes things better is that he is
probably 5 ft. 0 and it is awesome! I am way excited to get to know
him more and to be able to work with him.
On Saturday, the Branch had a little activity where we ate dessert.
That was fun! We had little cakes, pudding and cookies. Talking to
everyone in this tiny branch is always so fun! I feel like a part of
this branch because I know everyone and I have talked to everyone many
times. I love these small branches more than the big wards because I
truly feel the love that they have for the missionaries. They need the
missionaries so badly in these branches and it makes me want to work
harder to help build the kingdom of God here. I love every time I get
to work with these incredible members.
That is basically the week in a nutshell. Hopefully this week will be
more noteworthy and interesting. This week marks a year since I have
been out on my mission! Crazy stuff! I still do not know Japanese, but
life is great! This next year is going to be long, but it is going to
be an adventure! Cheers to one more year of Missionary Life! I hope
you all have an incredible week!

Cutest kid ever!  Reminds me so much of Kaden, it is crazy!
Our Branch Presidents daughter lives in Draper, Utah and is 
married to an American.  The daughter came with her 1 year old
daughter to visit for a month while the husband is off on business.
It is so fun to have her in the Branch for a while!
It makes me miss Kaden.

ラムロー長老 Elder Lamoreaux
日本神戸伝道部 Japan Kobe Mission

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